2013-2014 The Spartan Post Staff

Emily Thornton


Emily Grace Thornton is an author, artist, pianist, reporter, and adventurer. She has been writing fiction since the fourth grade and is working hard on her novel that she plans to publish before... 

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Jarad Reed

Web Director & SPN Executive Producer

Jarad, a Bixby High School senior, is very interested in computers and loves Apple products. He stays up-to-date on all the latest software and announcements from Apple.  He is a HUGE Oklahoma Sooner fan, and wants to get a degree... 

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Tiffany Casper

Reporter - Fashion Beat

Tiffany Casper is a senior at Bixby High School. She is an anchor for SPN and a founder of  Spartan Post. Tiffany plans to go to the University of Oklahoma next fall to major in nursing. Tiffany loves fashion, drawing, spending... 

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Taylor Reeves

A&E Editor

Taylor is a senior who has been a part of Spartan Post since the very beginning. She plans on pursuing journalism after she graduates. She is obsessed with John Mayer and tea. Taylor loves flowers and fashion.... 

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Diego Galaviz

Sports Editor

Diego is a senior at Bixby High School. He is the Sports Editor of the Spartan Post and also serves on the production crew of Spartan Post News (SPN). He can always be seen watching, playing, or discussing sports. While... 

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Mallory Breeding


Mallory is a senior at Bixby High School. She works on SPN as a photographer and video editor and is a part of the SPN production crew. Mallory is very passionate about sports and plays basketball. She is very outgoing and loves... 

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Kenzie King


Kenzie King is a senior at Bixby High School. She is a part of bixbyspartans.tv and is a camera operator, assistant director and producer. She is also a part of the sports beat and also enjoys feature stories. Kenzie is very outgoing... 

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TJ St. John


A senior at Bixby High School, TJ has been attending the Bixby school since the 4-year-old program (except for a gap between 4th and 7th grade where he attended Riverfield Country Day School). During high school, TJ has been very... 

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Jenna Schottel

Music Columnist

Jenna is a junior at Bixby and an avid music listener. Her role in Spartan Post is music columnist, and her specialties include writing band and artist profiles. Her goal is to introduce readers to new and popular music,... 

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Reagan Rinehart

Expressions Desk Editor

Reagan Rinehart is a junior at Bixby. Her role on the Spartan Post includes photo editor, graphic designer, editor, and basic journalistic duties . She enjoys photography,... 

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Rachel Brooks


Rachel Brooks is a very young, intelligent, nice and likes to adventure new things. She's half white and hispanic, her father was from Panama. She has 6 brothers and 1 sister. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite kind of... 

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Allie Wallis

Associate Sports Editor

Allie Wallis is a sophomore at Bixby High School. Along with being a reporter for Spartan Post, she is also a part of the Bixby Spartan Dance Team. She loves food, reading, writing, music, singing, and dancing. She... 

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Sydney Bostian


Teenage coffee addict, foodie,nerd, and music junky are words that can be used to describe Sydney. But she is also hard working and dependable. If anyone ever needs to find her, she can be found in a pillow fort watching Netflix

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Abby Roush


Abby is a sophomore at BHS. She spends most of her time either longboarding, playing guitar, or watching movies. If you happen upon her listening to music, chances are it's The Killers or Brand New. She is also on Bixby's Academic... 

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Lindsey Hamilton

Remote Reporter

Lindsey Hamilton is a bright and sunny young girl. She can draw (pretty much do anything artistic) and she loves to write. She is a focused student and has a lovely life outside of school. Mainly she just draws and... 

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Dee Harris


Dee Harris is no stranger to the field of journalism having worked in graphic design, multimedia production and marketing communications for over 25 years before dedicating herself to education. Harris has been in "the field"... 

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Cyrus Ghavami

Associate information technology manager

Cyrus is a sophomore at Bixby High School. He likes to play soccer and video games. Cyrus loves listening to music when he can. Cyrus likes taking pictures and finding out how things work, mainly computers. If forced to choose... 

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James Johnson


My name is James Johnson, and I'm graduating this year. I'm a very active musician and I play multiple instruments. I also study foreign languages and appreciate anything that is done well and with a purpose, and no matter what... 

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Olivia Caperton


Olivia Caperton is a junior, new to BHS this year, and trying to discover what her talent is day by day. Her spirit animal is an octopus.... 

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Sydney Grogan


My name is Sydney Grogan, I am 17 years of age. This is my first year attending Bixby High School. A little bit about myself is that I happen to surprise myself in ways I thought weren't really "normal" such as living my life... 

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Shelby Hendrix


My name is Shelby Hendrix and I'm a Sophomore here at Bixby High School. My favorite food is Mac N Cheese and my favorite subject is English. Writing is what I love to do and hopefully what I end up pursuing!

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